Uranian Astrologer

Sevilay Eriçdem

The first Uranian Astrologer of Turkey, the founder of the School of Cosmic Consciousness and the Association of Uranian Astrology, instructor and author with 20 years of experience

About me

Sevilay Eriçdem was born in 1969 in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. She completed her education in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, the Department of Public Finance at Gazi University in Ankara. During her university education, she received language training in the Turkish-American Association and worked as an English instructor in the same association until her graduation from university. Astrology has always been a passion for Sevilay Eriçdem. She started her professional career as an astrologer in 1999. She became a member of American Federation of Astrologers (AFA) and the Society of Astrologers. She carried out researches in various areas of astrology and eventually she focused on Uranian Astrology as the fields of specialization. After 2010, she received private lessons for three years from American Martha Lang-Westcott, the cult Uranian Astrologer and the most effective practitioner of Uranian Astrology. Sevilay Eriçdem has been an instructor in the field of Uranian Astrology and Asteroid since 2015. In the same year, she secured the brand of “Uranian Astrology Sevilay Eriçdem” by patent. In 2016, she published her first book “URANIAN ASTROLOGY”. In 2017, she completed and published her second book “MAGICAL WORLD OF ASTEROIDS”. In 2020, she founded Uranian Astrology Association with her colleagues, which is the first in Turkey and the World. She carries on her studies within the Association.


Uranian Astrology

Year of publication 2016

Uranian Astrology is the oldest known technique which dates back to Hellenistic Period and makes use of the common points of symmetry and planets. According to this technique and its methods which were applied by Germans in the Second World War, it is possible to get accurate interpretations from the maps. There is no doubt that the technique of Uranian Astrology, which I explained using examples and trans-neptunians, will bring innovations and broaden horizons for everybody.

The Magical World of Asteroids

Year of publication 2018

Asteroids are the celestial body found over one million and they are located somewhere between Mars and Jupiter -known as ‘cupier belt’- in our solar system. They don’t have the energy of planets but they may give essential and detailed information about people from the individual maps by means of the planets with which they move. In this book, I wrote about the angle connections of about 90 asteroids with planets and trans-neptunians and the meanings of these angles. You should get and read this book as an introduction to the magical world of asteroids. It will be possible to acquire the richness of astrological interpretations with their mythological meanings. Without doubt, this is a great reference book for those who want to specialize in astrology.


Uranian Astrology Association

Uranian Astrology is a specialty that exists as an extension of Classical Western astrology. The most important feature that distinguishes Uranian astrology from other astrology systems is that it helps people to reveal the most accurate potential in their life choices by focusing on the quality of actions taken at the ‘moment’. Brand-certified Uranian Astrologer Sevilay Eriçdem, who uses this specialty in the most effective and common way in Turkey, raised the recognition of Uranian Astrology in our country with the books she published and seminars and instructions she conducted. At the same time, she gathered her years of knowledge and experience in the field of astrology under the umbrella of the Cosmic Consciousness School he founded and provided many people who are interested in astrology with the opportunity to receive education and get a profession. Uranian Astrologist Sevilay Eriçdem, who organized many social responsibility projects in the Cosmic Consciousness School with the principle of polunteering, came together with her colleagues and instructors who devoted themselves to astrology, had a reliable and extensive knowledge and gave importance to social awareness like herself and they founded the UAD (Uranian Astrology Association). The idea of ​​establishing the UAD Association originated from the reality of increasing interest in Uranian Astrology and on the basis of establishing ethical regulations in the field of rapidly-developing astrology, defining the problems which may emerge at every stage during the process for those who want to acquire a professional competency on a sound basis, providing solution offers, determining the common understanding in the processes of implementation, creating an effective platform of communication and cooperation between the instructors and students and raising the awareness of collective interest in the activities which will be conducted as part of social responsibility and sensitivity.


The School of Cosmic Consciousness

The School of Cosmic Consciousness is a field of creating and developing a universal consciousness. While revealing the most mysterious aspects of the subconscious, it aims to use them in the most beneficial way for the development of the soul. In our school, Sevilay Eriçdem leads the instructors with her 20 years of experience, while distinguished astrology, reiki and tarot instructors provide various course opportunities to their students every year. At the Cosmic Consciousness School, which has adopted the motto of spreading knowledge, you can also receive training in the field you are interested in and be a part of this team spirit.